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6月17日,英国女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)的91岁官方生日庆典如期举行。女王和丈夫菲利普亲王(Prince Philip)乘坐马车观看了一年一度的“皇家军队阅兵仪式(Trooping The Colour)”。随后,女王和家人一起在白金汉宫的阳台上观看了英国皇家空军(RAF)壮观的飞行表演。2015年9月,伊丽莎白二世超越维多利亚女王,成为英国历史上在位时间最长的女王。作为一位“超长待机”女王,她的每一天都是如何度过的呢?一起来通过下文了解一下吧。


Peek Inside the Daily Life  of Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ

She has broken the record for the longest-reigning1) British monarch in history, and for Queen Elizabeth, it's all about2) consistency.


1. reign [ren] vi. 統治;爲王

2. be all about: 最重要的是


The woman who came to the throne as a mother of two at age 25 in 1952 keeps her life just so in a routine that has remained amazingly unchanged through the 65 years that she has served as monarch.


Waking at 7:30 a.m., she listens to her vintage3) Roberts radio4) tuned5) to BBC Radio 4's Today6) program. "She loves to hear British politicians being questioned by the presenters7)," Brian Hoey, author of At Home With The Queen says.


3. vintage [vntd] adj. 古色古香的

4. Roberts radio: 罗伯茨收音机,是英国历史最悠久的收音机品牌,距今已有80多年的历史,音质极佳。

5. tune [tjun] vt. 調(收音機等的)頻率(或頻道)

6. Today: 《今日》,是英国广播公司广播四台(BBC Radio 4)开播时间最长的早间新闻时政节目,1957年开播,是该台的王牌节目。

7. presenter [przent(r)] n. <英> (广播、电视)节目主持人

A male servant carries a tray of Twinings'8) English breakfast tea in a bone china cup and saucer, served with milk (no sugar) and some Marie cookies, which a maid brings into her room.


8. Twinings: 川宁,英国著名茶品牌,是获得过英国皇室认证的茶中精品。

After a bath, she will sit with her husband of 70 years, Prince Philip, 96, for cereal (she likes cornflakes), which is kept in Tupperware containers. She reads newspapers, but first to catch her eye is the Racing Post, which covers her favorite pastime9) of horse racing.


9. pastime [pɑstam] n. 消遣,娛樂

She then pores10) through the documents from the government in her so-called "red boxes"—scarlet leather cases with legal and other papers. The only days she doesn't do so are Christmas and Easter, quiet non-working days for the devoutly11) religious woman. (She is head of the Church of England.)


10. pore [p(r)] vi. 仔細閱讀;審閱

11. devoutly [dvatli] adv. 虔誠地


If she has an official arrangement, she will be seen in public later, coming in from Windsor Castle on Tuesdays for the week12). Many of her other official roles are to meet with diplomats or the British Prime Minister. It is something she has become immensely experienced at over a period when she has met 12 American presidents.


12. 女王一般会在每周四晚前往温莎城堡居住,并于下一周的周二返回白金汉宫。

She manages to keep completely neutral, to outside eyes and ears in any case. "I have worked for her 48 years, and have never heard her say anything to let anyone think she favored one political party over another or a political personality over another," her former stud13) manager Sir Michael Oswald says. "She has never made a mistake."


13. stud [std] n. 種馬場

And giving up—as her uncle Edward VIII did by abdicating14) in 1936—is not an option. "As long as she is able to carry out her duties she will continue," Oswald says.


14. abdicate [bdket] vi. 退位

But she has become good at keeping her work life separate from her domestic15) one.


15. domestic [dmestk] adj. 家庭的;家務的

Sometimes she will host a lunch, helping her and Philip stay informed as they meet a cross-section of people from public life, politics and the celebrity world, as race car driver Lewis Hamilton recounted.


Her cousin Margaret Rhodes says she expertly juggles16) family with work, from attending to the concerns of a servants' family or the tasks of hosting a party at Balmoral Castle17) in Scotland. "She has this ability to compartmentalize18) her brain," says Rhodes, "and if she has a worry about something, she can shut the door on that compartment and be totally outgoing and happy with other people."


16. juggle [dɡl] vt. 盡力同時應付(兩個或兩個以上的重要工作或活動)

17. Balmoral Castle: 巴尔莫勒尔堡,是女王的避暑行宫,位于苏格兰。

18. compartmentalize [kmpɑtmentlaz] vt. 分隔;劃分

In the evenings, she might watch classic British comedies or mysteries and detectives stories like Inspector Morse.


And then there are the horses. "If it's during the racing season and she's been busy during the day, then somebody will put together a recording of the races that day," says Hoey. "Particularly, if one of her horses has been running."


One of those keeping a check on how her horses are getting on is Oswald, 83, who says, "She not only loves them but she understands them in every aspect. Horse psychology is not the right word but she understands how they feel and how they react."


Of course, the Queen is in an extraordinary position, but if things were different, she would be like many other aristocrats. Her cousin Rhodes adds, "She is a country person, and if she had not been who she was she would be living in the country with horses and lots of dogs."


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双语·文化 | 英國女王的一天