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顺义九中分数线:Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.

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第一課时 Section A (1a—2d)


1. By the time I got up yesterday morning, my mother had already ______ (cook) breakfast.

2. When Jack got home, his sister had ______ (wash) the clothes.

3. I’m afraid I ______ (oversleep) and missed my usual bus.

4. He was still ______ (ring) it when the door opened.

5. The boy never ______ (realize) his mistakes until his teacher points them out.


1. 当我到公园的时候,我意识到我把背包落在家里了。

When I got to the park, I ____ I ____ ____ my ____ at home.

2. 虽然昨天的那件事带有戏剧性,但并不意外。

For all its drama, the ____ yesterday ____ ____ ____ .

3. 我起床时,我的弟弟已经进入浴室了。

By the time I ____ ____ , my brother ____ already ____ in the shower.

4. 瑞齐的爸爸在街上看到我,捎了我一程。

Ricky’s dad saw me on the street and ____ ____ ____ ____ in his car.


A: You look unhappy today. 1

B: Yesterday when I got home, I found my parents reading my diary. I got very angry. Shouldn’t I keep my own secrets?

A: Of course, you can keep your secrets. Did you quarrel with your parents?

B: No. 2 They didn’t say a word. They just kept silent. 3

A: In fact, your parents shouldn’t read your diary. They should respect your privacy (隐私). 4

B: I agree. 5

A: Say sorry to them. Try talking to them.

B: OK. I’ll do as you told me.

A. That’s a good idea.

B. What’s the matter?

C. Now I feel very sad.

D. But I shouted at them.

E. I’m sorry to hear that.

F. What should I do now?

G. But your parents are just worried about you.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Have you ever heard of Agatha Christie, an excellent writer? Agatha Christie is, without a doubt, the most famous mystery 1 in the world. Her books have been translated into more than 100 languages. All 77 novels and story collections she wrote are still on the market 25 years after her 2 .

Agatha Christie was born in 1890 in a southwest England seaside town. She 3 a very comfortable childhood in a big house with plenty of servants (仆人). Agatha was known

4 an imaginative child. With her sister and brother away at school, she often played alone. She passed the time by 5 up stories which she told to herself.

Agatha Christie’s first novel was published in 1920. In it, she 6 one of her most popular characters, Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. He went on to appear in 33 of her novels, and in several movies 7 . Although Poirot appears again and again in her novels, Christie certainly could not be considered as repeating her ideas. Her powers of invention and her ability to surprise continue to 8

millions of readers around the world.

Christie also wrote several 9 . One of these, The Mousetrap, became the longest-running play in the history of theater. It is about a murder mystery that 10 in a country house. All these mysterious stories earned her the title “Queen of Crime”.

1. A. announcer B. reporter C. writer D. worker

2. A. loss B. birth C. death D. arrival

3. A. saw B. enjoyed C. found D. needed

4. A. as B. like C. by D. for

5. A. looking B. bringing C. making D. turning

6. A. created B. produced C. built D. continued

7. A. also B. neither C. too D. either

8. A. appeal B. scare C. attract D. threat

9. A. stories B. plays C. movies D. comedies

10. A. takes place B. takes in C. takes off D. takes down

第二课时 Section A (3a—4c)



above burn by the end of in line with show up

1. Place your right toe ______ your left heel.

2. Full information is in the table ______ .

3. A complete building ______ to the ground last night.

4. He promised to come on Tuesday but he never ______ .

5. We had learnt over 2,000 English words ______

last term.


1. 我的一个朋友马上就要生第二个小孩了。(be about to)

2. 露西一边疑惑地盯着他看,一边摇着头。(in disbelief)

3. 活下来的人应该尽力生活得更好。(alive)

4. 他虽然经验最少,但却是最好的老师。(even though)


Like many lovers of books, Mary and her husband, Richard Goldman, seldom walked past a bookstore without stopping to look inside. They often talked of opening their own store one day.

When Mary was in hospital with heart trouble in 1989, they decided it was time to get serious. Richard, who worked for a business company, expected to work for himself, and Mary needed to slow down from her job.

They started by talking to bookstore owners and researching the industry. “We knew it had to be a specialty (專业) store because we couldn’t afford enough money,” said Mary. One idea came to her: She’d read somewhere that about 20 percent of books sold were mysteries, and many buyers spent more $300 a year on books. She and Richard themselves were mystery readers.

On Halloween 1992, they opened the Mystery Lovers Bookshop and Café near their home. With three children in college, the couple could not spend all the family’s money to start a shop. To pay the $100,000 cost, they drew some of their savings and borrowed from friends and from a bank.

The store nearly broke even in its first year, with only $120,000 in sales. But Mary was always coming up with new ways to attract (吸引) buyers. The shop had a coffee bar and it offered gifts to mystery lovers and provided dinners for book clubs that met in the store. She also invited some writers to discuss their stories.

Today Mystery Lovers makes sales of about $420,000 a year. After paying taxes, business costs and the six part-time sales workers, Richard and Mary together earn about $34,000.

“The job you love may not go hand in hand with a million-dollar income (收入)” said Richard. “This has always been about a pleasant life for ourselves, not about making a lot of money.”

1. What did the couple realize when Mary was in hospital?

A. Health was more important than money.

B. They had to put their plan into practice.

C. Heart trouble was a serious illness.

D. They both needed to stop working.

2. After Mary got well from her illness she and Richard began ___ .

A. to study how to open a bookstore

B. to buy and read more mystery books

C. to do market research on book business

D. to work harder to save money for the bookstore

3. How did the couple do about their bookstore in the first year?

A. They had to borrow money to keep it going.

B. They made just enough to pay all the costs.

C. They succeeded in making a lot of money.

D. They failed though they worked hard.

4. What is the main purpose of opening the bookstore according to Richard?

A. To pay for their children’s education.

B. To get to know more writers.

C. To set up more bookstores.

D. To do what they like to do.

第三课时 Section B (1a—1e)


1. I ______ (read) over 10 English comic books by the end of last summer holiday.

2. She ______ (fool) the old man out of all his money last Wednesday.

3. —What ______ (happen) to you last week?

—I had my bike stolen.

4. I think she was hugely ______ (embarrass) by the whole scene.

5. The hotel is located right between the two ______ (airport).


1. 在我到达公共汽车站之前, 汽车已经离开了。

Before I ____ ____ the bus stop, the bus ____ ____ already.

2. 就在我和别的工作人员一起排队等候时,我听到了一声巨响。

As I was waiting ____ ____ ____ the other office workers, I ____ a loud ____ .

3. 到我返回学校的时候,铃声已经响过了。

____ ____ ____ I got back to school, the bell ____ already ____ .

4. 正当我准备去办公室时,我决定先去买一杯咖啡。

I ____ ____ ____ go to my office when I decided to get a cup of coffee ____ .


One Sunday afternoon, my younger brother and I were left alone at home. I was doing my homework 1 my younger brother was watching TV. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. My brother thought it was our parents, so he opened the 2 quickly.

A tall man stood outside and 3 politely if our parents were at home.

Without thinking, my brother said, “No.” When I wanted to close the door, he suddenly 4 the door very hard and came into our house. He took out a 5 and ordered me to 6 up my brother’s hands up with a rope (繩索). I tied up his hands in a special 7 so my brother could untie (松开) himself 8 . The man then tied my hands up and locked both of us in the kitchen.

Soon, he went upstairs. I taught my brother to 9 his rope with his hands. He then untied 10 . I rushed to the telephone to call the police, 11 the line was cut off. The doors were all locked from outside. It was lucky that the man forgot to 12 the kitchen door. We got out of the house through the window and went to the nearest pay phone to call the police.

Soon the police came and the man was caught. At the time my 13 came home, we told them the 14 story. My parents were glad that we were not hurt. They told me that I should stop my brother from 15 the door for the stranger. I learned a lesson on safety.

1. A. so B. before C. after D. while

2. A. cupboard B. door C. box D. window

3. A. guessed B. asked C. argued D. suggested

4. A. pushed B. pulled C. knocked D. closed

5. A. candy B. gift C. knife D. phone

6. A. get B. hang C. tie D. put

7. A. color B. room C. word D. way

8. A. hardly B. easily C. suddenly D. difficulty

9. A. make B. take C. untie D. use

10. A. me B. myself C. him D. himself

11. A. but B. and C. or D. as

12. A. break B. lock C. move D. see

13. A. teachers B. friends C. neighbors D. parents

14. A. happy B. whole C. usual D. same

15. A. turning B. sending C. opening D. cleaning



I’ve never b 1 late for s 2 , but yesterday I came very close. My alarm c 3 didn’t go off, and by the time I w 4 up, my father had already gone into the b 5 and I had to wait for him to c 6 out. I had to really rush. I took a quick s 7 , had some b 8 , and then ran off to the bus stop. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, the bus had already l 9 . I started walking, but I knew I couldn’t get to school on time. L 10 , my friend Tony and his dad came by in his dad’s car, and they gave me a lift. When I got to school, the final bell was ringing. I only just made it to my class.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

第四课时 Section B (2a—2e)



invite realize rush show up stay up

1. I was waiting for the school bus when I ______ it was Saturday.

2. I woke up late this morning so I had to really ______ to get to school on time.

3. There’s a good TV show tonight at 1:00 am, but I don’t want to ______ that late.

4. Sally ______ me to her birthday party last Saturday.

5. John was going to meet me earlier but he didn’t _____ .


1. 那是一个让我难堪的情形。(embarrassing)

2. 第二天书店就卖断了货。(sell out)

3. 他当时知道他有了一个真正的发现。(discovery)

4. 她每次尽力与她丈夫争辩,最后总是以痛哭流涕结束。[end up (doing sth)]


Future and Today

It is well known that everyone has his own dream as well as his own future. But do you know what future really is? I have to say that future is now. That is to say we must treasure every minute now. If we want to have a bright future, we should know how important time is and use it well.

There is an old English saying, “Gain time, gain life.” Then what’s time? Time is something that we can’t see or touch, but we can feel it passing by. Time is always with us. When we are at table, time passes; when we play, time goes by unnoticeably (不明显地). We always say “Time is money”, but time is even more precious (珍贵的) than money, because when money is spent, we can earn it back. But if time is gone away, it will never return. So, some of us even say time is priceless (无价的).

We should always remember: future is now. For us students, we should try our best to work hard in order to create a great future of our own. We should make the best use of every hour and be the master of today. We should do everything before us as well as possible. And never put off what can be done today till tomorrow.

As we all know, “Time and tide wait for no man.” If you waste today, you will regret tomorrow. So from now on work hard. Tomorrow will be better, and your future will be brighter. Remember, “No pains, no gains.” Today’s hard work is the cause of tomorrow’s harvest.

Title: Future and Today

Opinions Supporting details

Future is now. Everyone has his own dream as well as his own future. If we want to have a bright future, we should know the importance of time and make every minute 1 .

2 is priceless. Time is money, but time is even more valuable than money, because when money is spent, we can earn it back. But

3 time will return no more.

Be the master of today. Today’s hard work 4 to tomorrow’s harvest. As students, we should never put off what can be done today till tomorrow and we should try our 5 to do everything well.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5.

第五课时 Section B (3a—Self Check)


1. When I went into the classroom, the final bell ______ (ring). I was happy that I wasn’t late.

2. By the end of last year, I ______ (be) to the West Hill Farm three times.

3. By 9 o’clock last night, we ______ (get) 200 pictures from the spaceship.

4. By the time I got up, Mom ______ (go) out to exercise.

5. I ______ (learn) 1,000 English words by last term.


1. He had left before she could say a word.(改为一般疑问句)

2. Tom had already slept by the time I arrived.(对画线部分提问)

3. I arrive there. She has gone to Shanghai.(用by the time改写句子)

4. Jenny had already cleaned the room when I called her.(改为否定句)


A recent survey found that only 9 percent of teens in the United States smoke cigarettes (香烟). That’s down from 23 percent in 2000. While this is good news for the US’s overall health, tobacco (烟草) use is still a problem.

Cigarettes can cause many diseases. Although they know about the health problems, teenagers still smoke. According to the American Lung Association (美国肺病协会), every day almost 3,900 children under 18 years of age try their first cigarette, and more than 950 of them will become daily smokers. If it goes on like this, 5.8 million children alive today will die as a result of smoking.

The Truth Campaign is working to end teenage smoking. Their latest activities use social media (媒体) to remind teenagers of the dangers of smoking. “If we all join forces, smokers and non-smokers, we can end smoking once and for all,” the campaign website explained. The campaign encourages teens to learn the facts. “We are not here to criticize (批评) your choices, or tell you not to smoke. We are here to arm everyone, smokers and non-smokers, with the tools to make change,” they say.

1. What percentage of American teenagers smoked in 2000 according to the survey?

2. What can cigarettes cause?

3. How many children of under 18 begin to smoke every day according to the association?

4. What’s the aim of the Truth Campaign?

5. What does the campaign encourage teens to do?


每个人都会有不顺心的日子。请以“My Unlucky Day”为题,用英文讲述一件你曾经历过的不顺心的事。





My Unlucky Day

顺义九中分数线:Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.